Fighting for Charity

Our agency is proud to support Shannon “In Good Hands” Chisholm and her Long Island Fight For Charity. “I volunteered because Fight for Charity combined two of my passions, boxing and giving back to the community, she said. “After learning more about what this charity represents, and the people running it, I couldn’t think of a better way to pursue my passion for boxing while supporting communities and people in need across Long Island. There are people struggling in our communities.  This event has given me the opportunity to ‘fight’ for these individuals who don’t have the resources or ability to do it themselves, and assist in getting them the help they need and deserve.”

Our agency is constantly working for the community in any capacity that we can. There are a large number of organizations right here in our community that could use our help. We cannot stand back and simply watch. We are an agency that prides ourselves in taking action and being the Agents of Change we say we are.

This is where you can help.

By recommending a friend or family member to our agency, we can make a $10 donation in your name to help “fight” for those in need across Long Island.

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s make a difference for local veterans. Together we can change lives!