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Offering Help to Children Struggling with Illness and Disability

Finding out that your child has been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition, disease, or disability is every parent’s nightmare. Tragically, most parents are caught entirely by surprise when their child falls ill. The Zabbia Insurance Agency is announcing an extended effort to provide help, hope, and support to families that are dealing with the overwhelming challenge of a sick, injured, or disabled child.

Providing Hope to Those with a Sick or Injured Child

The Zabbia Insurance Agency is a proud Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange network here on Long Island, and we know how difficult it is to learn that your child has been struck by a life-threatening disease or a life-changing disability. We will be assisting in local efforts to support families with hospitalized children, including initiatives that provide assistance paying medical bills, or that provide transportation services, or that improve the quality of life of a child hospitalized for treatment.

There are thousands of children on Long Island that need our help, and we can’t reach all of them without your help.

We Need Your Help

You can be part of this campaign by helping us share our message with other concerned families in the Long Island area. By inviting your friends, loved ones, and co-workers in to the Zabbia Insurance Agency for a free insurance consultation, you’ll also give us a chance to speak with them about this important issue. As a thank you, for every person you invite we will happily issue a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local initiative or program that assists hospitalized children.

Please Join our Team!

This is your chance to be part of a concerted effort to provide real and meaningful help to families in our community that desperately need it. We hope you decide to join our team.


Robert Zabbia

The Zabbia Insurance Agency

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